About Us


SYNA was established in London in 1986 by Dr. Saib Nackasha after many years of success in the field of designing and building.

Since that time, the company grew under his direction, which delivered a number of impressive building projects, (see the projects menu on this website).

SYNA – UAE operated in the UAE since the 1990s. It delivered a number of high-quality buildings, especially 5-star Hotels, Schools, Office and Residential Projects throughout the UAE.
SYNA – Kuwait was established in 2010 to deliver projects in Kuwait, Iraq and other Gulf States. SYNA’s head office is currently in Kuwait.

Our Vision

To be identified by owners and investors as a brand, which creates successful profitable delightful projects?

Our Mission

Delivering successful projects on time, in a safe and efficient manner, while maintaining excellent quality and value-for-money throughout.


Our Values


We deliver safe buildings for users, and maintain safe sites for our workers.


We care to deliver high quality projects and services throughout.


We deliver our promise on-time.

Respect & Fairness

We treat our employees, clients and individuals with respect and fairness.

Ethical Behaviour

We behave ethically at all times, irrespective of pressures.

Strategic Objectives

We target developments as a design and build projects compromising, but not limited to, following components:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Residential buildings and housing developments

Our markets to date have been the UK, UAE, Kuwait and Iraq.

If you have any project that you wish to discuss, please feel
free to contact us or write to us in full confidence.

We hope we can do business with you in the near future.

Our Company - Our Team

Mr Jawad Bukhamseen

Mr Jawad Bukhamseen

Partner and a Chairman

Dr Saib Nackasha

Dr Saib Nackasha

Partner and CEO

Our people are the key reason behind our success. Their knowledge is the real asset in the company. We believe in our peoples’ ability to channel their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our projects. SYNA’s strength stems from the professionalism and dedication of every member of our team. We are grateful to all of them. Our appreciation also goes to all who have worked with us in the past. Our Senior members of the team are shown below as follow.

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Name 1

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Name 2

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Name 3

Designation 3

Name 4

Name 4

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Hamarain Centre Deira, Dubai
P.O. Box 16739 UAE
Telephone: +964 50 624 6742
E-mail: [email protected]

  • SYNA - Kuwait

    Safat P.O. Box 13039
    Telephone: +965 22498426
    E-mail: [email protected]